First Floor Space Rental


Studio 1

A space that is bound to awaken one’s creative potential, with its ample flow of natural light and minimalistic inspirational posters. Our most popular studio yet!

Studio 2

Our largest studio space located right next to the dry pantry area. This studio is separated from Studio 1 through articulating panels. When both studios are opened up, they can accommodate up to 200 pax.

Studio 3

This 1443 sqft. workspace is our go to studio to find focus and get work done as a team. Try Studio 3 for a taste of this experience.*

*Subject to availability

Studio 4

This studio opens up to the greater first floor with it’s articulating panels. This is yet another great space to consider for when you want to conduct creative sessions or seminars.

Studio 5

Sometimes, what you really need is an efficient way to meet with a small group of people. Our smallest studio puts your team at close quarters, and on the path to productivity.

Futsal Court

For when you need to drastically up the energy levels of your session. Use this space to conduct warm-ups, ice-breakers or any other activity that is more than just a discussion.

Free Flow of Coffee
and Tidbits

100Mbps Wifi

Built-in Sound System

Built-in Projector

Stationery Box