“How do you synchronise multiple departments that have varied goals, and harmonise their perspectives on the business problem at hand?”

-Jesse Himsworth-

Departments not “speaking the same language”, working in silos, and are misaligned to the greater strategy, are just a fraction of challenges faced by leaders. Frictions come about when opinions are not valued, differences are not managed, and when a “get it perfect the first time” culture is allowed to thrive. Empathetic leaders have the upper hand in this regard by prioritising understanding over defending, encouraging over penalising, and democratising over dominating.


Design Thinking for Decision Makers is curated for leaders to become enablers of creativity within their organisations. In comparison to Getting Started: Design Thinking, this programme emphasises drawing inspiration from case practical applications and leveraging the collective thoughts of other leaders to co-create solutions. The idea is not so much that participants become Design Thinking process experts, as it is to use the framework to spark healthier team dynamics and effective decision making.

Who is it for?

  • Leaders who want to make the shift towards user-centric/empathetic leadership but don’t know where to start.
  • Leaders who are looking for inspiration to turn around work dilemmas and to take meaningful action accordingly
  • Organisations wanting to learn how to boost a culture of learning from failures in the workplace.  
  • Note: Prior Design Thinking experience is required to fully benefit from the programme. You are required to present proof of this experience upon signing up.

What will you gain?
  • The understanding of how to draw inspiration from users through active listening and empathy.
  • An understanding of how to support a creative culture in your organisation.
  • The inspiration to help your people be more collaborative and adaptive when approaching challenges.

Duration: 2 days
Price: RM 3800 (HRDF claimable)
Next session: To be announced.
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